[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Sonya Rapoport — The Transgenic Bagel

Artist Statement

The Transgenic Bagel is an interactive computer-assisted artwork based on a gene splicing theme. The initial interaction, affecting the sound component, occurs when participants “play” a simulated slot machine to “win” a character trait. This gene trait, excised from a mythological animal residing in Noah’s virtual ark, is processed, engineered, and impregnated into a DNA plasmid bagel. Participants can accept the gene by eating the transgenic bagel, or trade the trait. How they plan to use it is another interactive feature.

  • Sonya Rapoport (USA) received an M.A.degree from the University of California at Berkeley. Since 1976 she has produced computer assisted interactive work within the context of comparative cultures. On-line with Digital Mudra in 1988, she continues as an Internet participant as ARSWIRE’s June resident artist. She reviews for Leonardo publications.