[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Robert Rowe & Mari Kimura — Computer Improvisation: création mondiale

Artist Statement


Improvised and composed works are performed using the computer as an integral member of a musical ensemble. The players have extensive experience in performing with artificially-intelligent composition software. A new improvisation environment is presented in which the software tracks and responds to an integration of the contributions of several players, including the program itself. The computer analyzes data from a sax/bass clarinet and violin (Kimura) via a pitch-to-MIDI converter and then generates another voice in an ensemble texture in real time.

  • Robert Rowe (USA) is a composer and programmer born in 1954 in the USA. He has received degrees in music history and theory (B.M. Wisconsin 1976), composition (M.A. Iowa 1978), and music and cognition (Ph.D. MIT 1991).
  • Mari Kimura (Japan/USA) picks up the tradition of the virtuoso performer/ composer and carries it straight into the next century.