[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Ian Haig — Astroturf (Excerpt), K-Rad Man

Artist Statement


Astroturf (Excerpt): This is an animation-in-progress consisting of different technological eras, from prehistoric times to the 1950’s and on through to the 21st century and beyond. Astroturf tells the story of how humans are devolving through their interaction with new technology, by presenting a number of test cases throughout history. It attempts to show in comical terms just how humans have related to the machine.

K-Rad Man: A mad scientist creates the ultimate computer virus and finds an unsuspecting computer geek to test the virus on, with unexpected results.

  • Ian Haig (Australia). Born in 1964, this computer animator and new media artist has exhibited and screened his work at ARTEC 95 in Japan, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, SIGGRAPH ’93, and TISEA in Sydney (Australia). He is currently working on a new animation project called Astroturf and lecturing in computer animation at RMIT, Melbourne.