[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Hens Hedman — Anchoring/Arrows, Threads and Cords

Artist Statement


Anchorings/Arrows is built up of sounds from a number of different acoustic instruments, computer-processed and then digitally mixed. We tried out a particular acoustic idea, that of a continually varying acoustic space where no sound stays at any fixed point. The work may be seen as a tribute to music, anchored in music history, but also pointing towards the wonderfully mysterious and mythical future. This work received a honorary mention at Prix Ars Electronica ’93.

Threads and Cords is a musical drama by Swedish composers Jens Hedman and Erik Mikael Karlsson consisting exclusively of sounds from the human voice and from the voice-synthesis program CHANT. The piece is based upon poems by Erik Mikael Karlsson, and can be described as surrealistically apocalyptic; a journey beyond time and space to another reality where life and death are blended together to form a new existence of being or nonbeing.

  • Hens Hedman (Sweden). A composer who has tried to broaden electroacoustic music by integrating it with scenography and other forms of art, Jen Hedman works at EMS Stockholm and has been awarded prizes at Ars Electronica ’93, the International Electroacoustic Music Competition in Bourges, France (1993) and the Rostrum for Electroacoustic Music in Aarthus, Denmark (1992).