[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Francoise Petiot — Agartha, Pierres de Foudre

Artist Statement


Agartha: Agartha, Kingdom of Infinity…a lost legend. For centuries we believed the earth to be flat and that the earth turned around the sun. I assure you today that the earth is hollow and that in the earth’s center shines the light of eternity. Men from MO and Atlantis have lived there for centuries. The enigma of Agartha belongs to each of us. We must find the answer to make the impossible possible and follow the path leading to infinity. When you are ready, the doors of intemporal space will open and the truth will burst forth.

Pierres de Foudre: These are only prehistoric flints were considered as the very essence of the arrow and the spark and as such, they were venerated and piously conserved. The lightning stones are themselves forces full of magical, fetishistic, intrinsic power. At the very depths of the universe, in the land of erring souls, the stones are loaded with their spirituality. The budding soul freezes in them. The stones will cross the cosmos and will become a symbol of message and oracles. Then it is up to us, beings of dust, to transform them into objects of peace or violence.

  • Francoise Petiot (France). After studies in Fine Arts, she went directly to media arts. She is presently producer of infographic 3D and 2D art. Since 1990, she has produced four films using synthetic 3D images.