[TISEA 1992] Artist Statement: Achameleh Debela – Digital Paintings

Artist Statement

My works are manifestations of moods, movement, reflections, and expressions of experience. Contextually selected imagery or subject matter serves as a departure towards a creative process. In some instances the selected imagery is a conduit between the concept of the initial idea and the final outcome. Ethiopian/African surface decorations, symbolic motifs, masks and figures are deliberately and freely chosen and are integrated as visual vessels of a continuum. In addition to conventional cre-ative means, new images transformed via the use of a new tool (in this case the computer) provides versatility and infinite possibilities. Hence, I enjoy the sanitised world of the computer and its challenge and yet cherish the smell of linseed oil, turpentine, acrylic and the tactile surfaces.

  • Achameleh Debela,¬†Ethiopia/USA