[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Roz Dimon – Information Woman: And The Beach In Her Elbow

Artist Statement

The piece is about spending a moment in someone else ‘s heard. It’s an exploration of how we have become extensions of our brains. The body is disappearing and being replaced by our throughts. Moving between extroversion and introversion in an instant, Information Woman exists as an apparition in cyberspace, simultaneously existing in many places. The beach in her elbow represents our ability to live apart from real time in thought while in “reality” our body remains locked in the space/time continuum we call home.

  • Roz Dimon (USA) is President of Dimon Arts, Inc., a multimedia consultancy to galleries, non-profit art organizations and corporations like Estee Lauder. Her work has progressed over the past twenty years from oils to interactive multimedia paintings and is exhibited extensively. She is co-curator of the digital show “CODE”@ Ricco/Maresca (Soho) opening Fall 1995.