[ISEA95] Panel: Andra McCartney – Sounding Out Genders: Women Sound Artists Talk about Gender and Technology Panel Introduction

Panel Statement

Panel: Sounding Out Genders

Come Out and Play! Why Are Gender and Feminist Studies So Late To Come to Music? Andra McCartney will introduce the panel by exploring reasons for the late appearance of feminist theory in music. Referring to the work of feminist music theorists, particularly Susan McClary, she will discuss the relationships among music, the body, space, gender and sexuality.

A discussion of the role of gender in music, reception, radio, technology and the construction of the female voice.

  • Andra McCartney (Canada) has been a Ph.D. student in the York University (Toronto) Graduate Programme in Music since 1994. She received an M.A. in 1990 in adult education from St. Francis Xavier University and a B.A. honours from Trent University in 1983.