[ISEA94] Grahame Weinbren – An Interactive Cinema




These works are intentionally made as “precious objects” to heighten their formal relationship to illuminated sacred manuscripts. Chaotic digital scripts have been transformed with an “electronic scriptor”, a plotter, following procedures reminiscent of the medieval scriptorium. All works are executed with a multipen plotter using original instructions to generate the entire piece including the scripts, headers and illuminated “initials”. The program employs randomly cast control points in its form generating procedures. In several works the illuminated “initials” identify form generators of special visual interest.

As one who has been thinking about, experimenting with, and developing an interactive cinema for over 10 years, I am always trying to find ways to describe what is distinctive about the medium: a sound/image stream whose flow can be affected by a viewer. As one assesses the relationships of interactivity to traditional media, the first questions one asks are:

  • Does interactive cinema simply tell the same old stories in new ways? or,
  • Does it enable the disclosure of a different kind of story?