[ISEA2008] Paper: Klaus Hu – Space and narrative identity (in the global forum)


What is space like? How is space connected to narrative identity? How is space constructed by means of digital and nonlinear media as virtual or build narrative environment? How is space and cognition of space related to narrative concepts of aural and written narratives?
How and when is timebased media implemented, to visualize these aural and written narratives? Maybe replacing these aural and written narratives? How is research conducted by means of relational theory or/and reflectory implementation into socio-cultural representation? How does an organic container, like a painting, inform narrative identity of spatial-narrative cognition as alternating narrative identity? How has the single self become an entity and why are hybrid forms incapable of renewing the self? How is the single self able to confront the norm/status quo of globalised normativity (eg. economy)with analytical, synthecical and organic formulation of relational grouping?

  • Klaus Hu, Born 1963 in Heidelberg, Germany. While trained in stage design, painting, photography and video, my work focuses on narrative and spatial concepts using various media.Taking part in international festivals: Sao Paulo, Brazil. JVC Tokyo, Japan (Special Merit Award). Berlin (cinema Arsenal), Germany. WRO Wroclaw, Poland. Osnabrück (EMAF), Germany. AVE Arnhem, Netherlands.

Full text (PDF) p. 233-235