[ISEA94] Artists Statement: Mega Productions/Angel Studios — Peter Gabriel’s Mindblender (1993)

Artists Statement

The first “rock’n roll ride” based on Peter Gabriel’s song Kiss That Frog and shown in Iwerks Entertainment’s travelling Reactor simulators. Realized by Angel Studios and directed by Brett “Lawnmower Man” Leonard in a style deviating from the exclusive first-person point of view typical of ride films. Used by the Pepsi Cola Company to promote their new product, Crystal Pepsi.

  • Angel Studios , Inc. (later Rockstar San Diego, Inc.) is an American video game developer based in Carlsbad, California. Founded by Colombian artist Diego Angel in 1984, the initial focus of the company was on creating animations and visual effects for various multimedia productions, including films and music videos. Following Angel’s business strategy of not focusing on high-risk business sectors, it started out working in the video game industry in the mid-1990s. [source Wikipedia]