[ISEA2013] Artists Statement: Linda Dement & Kelly Doley — 50 beats

Artists Statement

The piece is a statement about about feminism. 50 beats is the rate at which the heart fails.

A half tonne explosives bag, strung up and sagging, leaks black fluid, its half dead presence bleeding out onto the floor. A minuscule screen flashes text of warning and outrage, a furious energy reduced to a micro scale easily overlooked. Helen Reddy’s optimistic anthem “I Am Woman” slowed to 50 beats per minute wavers around them, stretched and dragged under. [source: lindadement.com/fifty-bpm.htm]

  • Media artist Linda Dement (AU) already participated in the second ISEA in 1990 (SISEA). Originally a photographer, her digital practice spans the programmed, performative, textual and virtual. Her work deals with issues of disturbance, commingling psycho-sexual corporeality and the digital and electronic, giving form to the difficult territory of the unbearable and conflicted. lindadement.com
  • Kelly Doley (AU)  kellydoley.com