[ISEA2013] Artists Statement: Wade Marynowsky & Michael Candy — Fish and Chips

Artists Statement

Both artists have a performance based and robotics background. They came together to create machines that is both obsolete and abstract. One machine will throw chips at seagulls, another bangs rocks together under water, and thus attracts fish.

It is “a humorous wink towards Eadweard Muybridge: ‘Chips’ is a study of seagulls in flight”. It is also “a modified and automated version of a Lenonardo Da Vinci designed catapult”. Its main drive is a pre purposed windscreen wiper motor sourced from various car wrecking yards.  scanlines.net/object/fish-and-chips

  • Dr. Wade Marynowsky is an artist, academic and researcher working across robotics, immersive and interactive performance and installation. His main body of research explores the notion of robotic performance agency by challenging notions of classical spectatorship and performance.   marynowsky.net
  • Michael Candy works with a vocabulary of robotics, hardware hacking, intervention and video.  michaelcandy.com