[ISEA2013] Artists Statement: Tom Ellard & Paul Greedy — Home Clavilux

Artists Statement

Paul Greedy works with light and Tom Ellard with sound. Their collaboration resulted in a Clavilux, a machine that manipulates light through emotions. The emotions are represented by colours. The first machine that visualises emotions through colour is from 1919, built by Thomas Wilfred (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Wilfred), who coined the term Clavilux, and this version is the 11th Clavilux, world-wide. paulgreedy.com/home-clavilux-2013-in-collaboration-with-tom-ellard  Video: Home Clavilux

  • Paul Greedy is a Sydney based artist who’s practice engages with the phenomenal world and the complexities of physical dynamics. Through works that mediate basic phenomena such as light, sound, air pressure, temperature etc, Greedy creates situations that seek to expand our understanding of how energy manifests and shapes our impressions of the world.
  • Thomas Temple (Tom) Ellard (born 1962) is an Australian electronic musician best known as the founding member of the electronic and industrial music group Severed Heads.