[ISEA2013] Artist Statement: Nigel Helyer – Supereste ut Pugnatis (Pugnatis) ut Supereste (SPPS) (2013)

Artist Statement

Stainless steel, scientific glassware, plywood, inert biological contaminants, eggs, message board, audio devices.

Membranes are selectively permeable structures, controlling the exchange of ions in our synapses, structuring the flow of surveillance information at airport security, or filtering migration to our shores.  SPPS drifts in interstitial spaces between biology, politics, culture and history recalling how the membrane functions as border, a cultural and linguistic filter and a generator of difference. SPPS is an omnisexual bacterium ingesting histories and narratives that associate through powerful metaphorical bonds.
Visualisation: Duncan Bond.

  • Dr Nigel Helyer (a.k.a. Dr. Sonique) is an independent sculptor and sound-artist. He is the director of a small multidisciplinary team Sonic Objects; Sonic Architecture which has forged an international reputation for large scale sound-sculpture installations, environmental public artworks, museum inter- actives and new media projects. His practice is strongly interdisciplinary, linking a broad platform of creative practice with scientific research and development manifest as works that embrace both the natural and social environment. Nigel is a longstanding collaborator and advisor to SymbioticA at the University of Western Australia, realising such projects as GeneMusiK, the insect installation Host and as Artistic Director of the infamous LifeBoat project 2004-2006.

Developed with funds from the Department of Culture and the Arts Western Australia.