[ISEA2013] Artists Statement: Richard Goodwin & Russell Lowe – Crysis in Parasite Paradise: The work of Realtime Porosity Studio (2012)

Artists  Statement

Professor Richard Goodwin discusses his ARC funded research with Russell Lowe, which has modelled much of Sydney’s CBD in the Crysis Gaming engine. This work has been done in order to prove his theories about urban Porosity, Parasitic Architecture as a sustainable design strategy for the future and as a way of satisfying the needs of security services for creating computer modelling which enables scenario planning for future catastrophes in the city.

  • Richard Goodwin is an artist and architect who combines the disciplines in experimental propositions and projects. Combining performance, installation and architecture, Goodwin?s work is politically and socially active. Often working in public space, he creates works that are site responsive, explorative and sometimes confronting. In his recent Porosity Studio projects, Goodwin utilises the city like a laboratory, testing ideas and mapping movements and boundaries. The recipient of many awards and accolades, in 2004 Goodwin won the Helen Lempriere Award for Sculpture and in 2012 his Porosity project was featured in Australia?s presentation at the Venice Biennale of Architecture.
  • Russell Lowe is a senior Lecturer at UNSW, Faculty of the Built Environment. Lowe has pioneered the teaching and modelling of architecture within gaming engines and exhibits computer aided film animations internationally. In 2009 he joined Goodwin to further the Porosity Studio’s research into cities in real time animations.