[ISEA2013] Artist Statement: Volker Kuchelmeister – City Jam

Artist  Statement

City Jam is part of the Running the City exhibition. Kuchelmeister discusses his work City Jam and the immersive qualities of the video and technical aspects employed to create a panoramic experience. City Jam is an interactive, expanded cinema installation that reconfigures the gallery space into a vertiginous, theme park environment. The work takes the viewer on an immersive ride through some of Sydney’s iconic landmarks, such as Bondi Beach, the CBD and Sydney Opera House. Accompanied by a fast-paced sound track form Australian 80s indie-punk band XL Capris, the semi-circular projected imagery is exposed to glitches triggered by the presence of spectators in the space.

  • Volker Kuchelmeister is known for his research and practice in immersive data visualisation and expanded cinema. The shifting transience of urban and natural landscapes is repeatedly the backdrop for his 3D and stereoscopic videos. The artist incorporates real-time data recordings into his videos to determine the influences of time. He has been co-inventor of multiple new media technologies, including iDome hemispherical projection environment and Spherecam 360° capture system. Kuchelmeister’s Double District was exhibited as part of the Shanghai eArts Festival in 2008.