[ISEA2013] Artists Statement: Nancy Mauro-Flude, Nick Smithies, Crystal Thomas & Frontline Media – Is Starlight A wifi Signal?

Artists  Statement

A networked performance, a meditation on how our consciousness can be, and indeed is, distributed across space, time and locale. These omnipresent signals are a new kind of fictional species that exist with/in us, regularly and increasingly, our habitual use of networked communication systems (GSM, Bluetooth, WIFI, RFID, QR, AR, Radio). The work asks what it means to be human by giving a poetic account of how, as a species, we engage with ubiquitous transmissions. An expanded audience can interact with this contemplative work, via twitter: a #starlight will embed into the work’s mise-en-scene. sister0.org/?is-starlight-a-wifi-signal

  • Nancy Mauro-Flude (TAS, AU) is a Tasmanian artist and theorist. Driven by the demystification of technology, and the ‘mystification’ that lie in and through the performance of the machinic assemblage. Contributing to developments in performing arts, technology and the public domain, Nancy has collaborated with leading institutions and festivals worldwide and has led numerous cross-disciplinary programmes that examine contemporary society in a digital age. Source: sister0.org
  • Nick Smithies (TAS, AU) a musician and electronic artist from Tasmania,Australia. Interested in sound composition, computer/real world interfacing, reactive installation, aleatoric music constructed from found data sets, sonification, electronic performance tools, free culture, chance happenings and machine interactions, Nick utilises both ubiquitous and esoteric technologies to create playful installations, performances and artworks. Senior technician, Contemporary Art Tasmania. Source:  nicksmithies.org
  • Crystal Thomas (NT, AU) musician
  • Frontline Media (NT, AU)