[ISEA2013] Artists Statement: Justin Clemens, Christopher Dodds & Adam Nash – Distributed Empire

Artists  Statement

Australian Centre of Virtual Art. Have we been sucked into ‘the machine?’ – and if so, did we have any choice? “In this age of global networked data, nearly everyone in the developed world has signed away their rights to privacy … to produce content for a handful of massive global data-capitalist corporations – who delete none of it, ever, presenting nothing but the right-now, erasing history and context and replacing them with an endless parade of banal distraction. Our experience is presented back to us in a networked digital simulation so comprehensively distracting that it actually becomes our experience, an endless now without context, pure representation, the perfect visual medium for advertising nothing but itself; promising self-empowerment, this perfect simulation delivers nothing but … a need to produce more content for itself.” Participants in the gallery and online are asked to consider their place and role within the global network of data capital, and whether resistance is even possible. Endlessly recombining the facial and vocal input of participants in a state-of-the-art real-time morphing composition of audiovisuals, Distributed Empire highlights the fragile state of the global ego in an era of massively online narcissistic consumerism. distributedempire.net   acva.net.au

  • Adam Nash, VIC, AU. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Adam Nash is a digital artist, composer, programmer, performer, teacher and writer. He works with the digital as site of playable art. Working in a post-convergent idiom, his work uses the web, game engines, virtual environments, generative and procedural programming, data and motion capture, artificial intelligence, synthetic evolution, audio, vision and live performance.  adamnash.net.au
  • Justin Clemens, VIC, AU.
  • Christopher Dodds, VIC, AU.