[ISEA2013] Artist Statement: Minoru Sato – Thermal Acoustics (2013)

Artist Statement

Minoru Sato has been thinking about ‘heat’ a lot recently, from his perspective its lack of palpability rendering it ‘ghostly’.  Sato muses on the very narrow temperature range within which we and our technologies exist, contrasting these with the extremes of the core of the planet, the surface of our Sun or even the core of an incinerator.  Whilst these are unimaginable they are not exceptional in the grand scheme of things. In this work Sato creates a microscopic world of heat energy, transforming and transducing heat into a sonic experience, inviting us to reconsider our relationships to natural phenomena. ms-wrk.com

  • Minoru Sato (JP) is interested in the relationship between descriptions and artistic representations of nature, and creates “installations, multiples, performances and texts” that explore physical phenomena and various related concepts. Having run the music label ‘WrK’ from 1994 – 2006, he now creates music both solo and collaboratively, and also curates and organises contemporary art exhibitions and events. He has exhibited and performed extensively around the world.

This work is supported by the The Japan Foundation.