[ISEA2013] Artist Statement: Jon Drummond – Flowforms (2004-2013)

Artist Statement

Inspired by the swirls, vortices and lemniscate-like patterns created by moving fluids, Flowforms uses the movement of coloured dyes in a semi-viscous liquid to generate an electroacoustic soundscape in realtime. Video tracking coloured droplets of ink dripping into a clear viscous liquid, mapping to image processing and individual grains of sound combines process with signification, determined by the natural indeterminate dynamics of fluid motion.

  • Jon Drummond (AU) is a Sydney-based sound artist and composer whose work explores interactive electroacoustics, sonification of natural phenomena, acoustic ecology, and real-time interactive performance systems for acoustic instruments. His works have been presented at many festivals and conferences, including The Adelaide Festival, the International Computer Music Conferences, New Interfaces for Musical Expression, and the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology. Jon is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, teaching on the newly established Bachelor of Sound and Music Design degree program. His research interests include human-computer interaction design, new interfaces for musical expression, gesture analysis, improvisation, sound spatialisation and data sonification.¬†¬†jondrummond.com.au