[ISEA2013] Artist Statement: Mark Brown – MetaHorn Silo Spin (Performance)

Artist Statement

Performance at Opening Launch

This kinetic sound installation and live performance instrument is based on the Leslie rotary speaker used in the 1960s-70s to create early stereo vibrato effects, notably with the Hammond organ. The system is powered by direct, fluctuating audio voltage and bass frequencies which govern the speed at which the horn spins, creating an uncanny pattern of sound frequencies with stereo modulations and spatial sonic reflections. The sounds played through the horn are composed from field recordings made at the former Mungo Scott Silo complex in Summer Hill, Sydney. untitledbrown.zina.org   wooloo.org/artists/1878                                                festivalofmosman.net/2011/events/barricade-radio-middle-head-2011
surveyshow.com/MarkBrown.html   markbrowninstallationart.blogspot.com.au

  • Mark Brown (AU) is a Sydney-based sound, installation and photomedia artist exploring the phenomenology of space, architecture and acoustic atmospherics. His practice has evolved into a poetic response to site, critiquing the history and function of architecture by documenting and making manifest unseen and unheard phenomena in space.