[ISEA2013] Artist Statement: Wade Marynorsky – Acconci Robot

Artist  Statement

Wade Marynorsky continues his interest in performative robotics. The Acconci Robot is a playful but mute robot in the form of an everyday household object a robotic wardrobe that follows unsuspecting audience members throughout the exhibition space. The work references the performance work by Vito Acconci entitled Follow Piece (1969), in which Acconci randomly elected a passer-by and followed that person, until he or she disappeared into a private place where Acconci could not follow. This artwork is a cheeky inversion of interaction, following viewers whilst their becks are turned, but stopping in its tracks as they turn to see who is following. Video: Acconci Robot

  • Dr. Wade Marynorsky is an artist, academic and researcher working across robotics, immersive and interactive performance and installation. His main body of research explores the notion of robotic performance agency by challenging notions of classical spectatorship and performance. His practice is characterised by large-scale robotic, sound, light and interactive works that combine humour, camp and a host of unnerving thematics to absorbing affect. Exhibiting nationally and internationally since 1998.  marynowsky.net