[ISEA2013] Artists Statement: Yiwon Park & Peter Wildman (WildPark) – The Trans-Emotion Room (2013)

Artists Statement

The Korean term ‘Inyeon’ expresses the spontaneous force that exists between people, a force which brings us together and creates a trail of interactions throughout our lives. The Trans-Emotion Room is the first work in a series titled Inyeon. Central to these works is the occupation of one of the most personal spaces we inhabit, a space that carries us across landscapes, a space that we mold with each step: our shoes. In The Trans-Emotion Room, participants are asked to share a small room in a pair of shoes provided. The shoes act as an interface, monitoring the body for variations in body temperature that occur when personal space is thus shared, and the room responds to this connection by subtly altering the colour spectrum of the light surrounding the participants.

  • Yiwon Park is an emerging artist who emigrated from Korea to Australia in 2003. She obtained her BFA in Korea and an MA from the College of Fine Arts, UNSW, where she is currently completing her Masters in Fine Arts by research. She has had four solo and numerous group exhibitions in Korea and Australia. She was awarded a Residency program at Camac-Centre d’Art Marnay in France in mid-2012, for which she received a postgraduate research travel grant from the College of Fine Arts. She also presented a conference paper on her work at the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference in 2012.
  • Peter Wildman has been interested in interaction ever since, as a baby, a hanging seascape was placed above his cot. Recently he has been interested in absolute nothing, and trying to make something from it. He is also working on a project allowing other people to shape his life. His work ethic and drive has brought him to graduate from a Bachelor of Digital Media with First Class Honours (COFA, UNSW) and publish his thesis. He hopes to build his art practice further, and looks forward to interacting into the future. wildpark.com.au

This project has benefited from an Arts & Design Grant courtesy of Arc @ UNSW Limited.