[ISEA2013] Artist Statement: Tom Hetherington – Cave Light (2013)

Artist Statement

A return to the origins of art? … this work is an apparatus for cave wall light painting. A carnival mirror missing its glass, we playfully shape the pixel pastiche, as our bodies are made malleable. Cave Light explores the impact of the tangible on the virtual; by using touch, the participant can expand present time through the screen and beyond.

  • Tom Hetherington (Hethro) is a media artist working predominantly with moving image and sound. His work explores the rhythmic relationship between body, mind, spirit and universe. He has a specific interest in the implementation of time, place and the moving image in a performance context, and his work is often inclusive and interactive. He completed a Bachelor of Digital Media at UNSW’s College of Fine Arts, and with a final Honours year pending, has taken time off to focus on numerous projects including performances with Optic Soup, a live visuals collective who perform regularly throughout NSW. He is also an organiser and contributor to Space Trash, an underground cinema night held monthly in Marrickville, Sydney, AU.