[ISEA2012] Artist Statement: François Quévillon – Derivé (2010-ongoing)

Artist Statement

networked interactive installation

Derivé (‘drift’ in English) is a networked interactive installation exploring 3D models of natural and urban spaces transformed according to environmental data collected in real-time on the Internet. By connecting the actual and the virtual, Derivé inquires into the phenomenology of mixed realities and probes into the changing nature of our perception and representation of the world. Video and photos: Derivee

  • François Quévillon is an artist from Montreal, Canada. He develops an interdisciplinary practice through installation, video, photography, sound and digital technologies. His work explores phenomena of the world and perception by the implementation of processes sensitive to their fluctuations and to the interference of contextual elements. He examines the operational dimensions of images, sounds and other media through the elaboration of systems with unstable parameters, compressed or endlessly evolving spatio-temporal structures. Engaging both scientific observation and a contemplative state of mind, his pieces propose ambiguous experiences through which the unseizable manifests itself. He investigates how technology affects or redefines human cognition, culture, the environment, our relationships to space, to time and to one another. [source:  vimeo.com/quevillon/about 10.06.20]