[ISEA2012] Artists Statement: Annina Rüst, Amy Alexander & Cristyn Magnus – Discotrope: The Secret Nightlife of Solar Cells

Artists Statement

Discotrope is an audiovisual performance that resembles a cinematic nightclub light show. At the heart of the show is the Discotrope, a solar-powered disco ball that reflects videos in a kaleidoscopic rotating projection. Discotrope’s projected visuals depict the history of people ‘dancing at cameras’, from Thomas Edison to YouTube.   discotrope.org

  • Annina Rüst (CH/USA) produces electronic objects and software art. Her projects explore the intersection of politics, activism, technology, humor, and pop culture. anninaruest.com
  • Cristyn Magnus (USA) received her PhD in Music from University of California, San Diego, USA, in 2010, where she studied music technology and composition.  cmagnus.com
  • Amy Alexander (USA) is a software and audiovisual performance artist who has worked in film, video, music performance and stand-up comedy, as well as in digital media art.               amy-alexander.com