[ISEA2011] Artists Statement: Danielle Roney & Jeff Conefry – Opposing Views

Artists Statement

Opposing Views: The visualization of conflict and debate through biofeedback, sensor driven, real-time video programming. A performative architecture presenting new avenues of communicative infrastructures.

  • Danielle Roney is an artist working with hybridization, immersive environments and interactive media architecture in the context of global identity structures. She presented concepts in transnational, networked public spaces at TEDGlobal 2005 in Oxford, England; with subsequent live interactions from Johannesburg, South Africa to Atlanta 2007. Her work has been exhibited internationally including the Beijing Off-Biennale, Convergence 2005; Museum of Contemporary Art, Georgia 2008, 2011; and the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago 2009.
  • Jeff Conefry is a media artist and painter specializing in 3D content development and interactive interface design. His recent projects include, media production and technical systems for the U.S. Pavilion, Venice Biennale of Architecture, pilot asset creation for Bark Bark Studios, and time-based construction animations for building information modeling. His work has been exhibited nationally including the Atlanta Biennale and the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago.

Since 2004, the artists have collaborated on large-scale installations in Beijing, South Africa, and Venice Italy.

Full text and images (PDF) p. 324-327