[ISEA2011] Artist Statement: Murat Germen – Muta-morphosis

Artist Statement

Muta-morphosis was obtained by reducing panoramic images in one axis. The lack of a single perspectival structure due to multiplicity of perspectives can be linked to ottoman miniatures and connects the global contemporary representation to tradition.

  • Murat Germen is an artist who uses photography as his tool of expression. He has a MArch degree from M.I.T., where he attended as a Fulbright scholar. He received an AIA Henry Adams Gold Medal. He currently works as a professor at Sabanci University, Istanbul. His work has been exhibited at conferences such as SIGGRAPH, ISEA, Mutamorphosis, TSC, CAe, CAC2, EVA-London, eCAADe, ASCAAD and has been shown in over 50 inter/national exhibitions. He is represented by C.A.M. Gallery (Turkey), ARTITLED! (Netherlands-Belgium), Rosier Gallery (USA). His work is in over 50 private collections inter/nationally, in addition to those in the Istanbul Modern, and Project Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art collections. His work has also been auctioned at Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

Full text and images (PDF) p. 60-63