[ISEA2011] Artists Statement: Gregory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt (Scenocosme) – Akousmaflore and Lights Contacts

Artists Statement

Akousmaflore: Sensitive and interactive musical plants.                                                               Lights Contacts: Interactive sound and light installation with body and skin from public.             In 2007, Scenocosme created Akousmaflore, which offers original sonorous interactions by   touching plants. In 2009, Scenocosme created Lights Contacts, an interactive installation where   contacts between spectators create sounds and light according to the electrostatic energy of   their bodies. In 2010, this artwork received the Visual Arts and New Technologies award at the   Bains Numeriques festival.

  • Exploring invisible relationships with environment: feeling energetic variations of living beings, and designing interactive stagings where spectators share sensory and amazing experiences.  Gregory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt are two artists who work together as a duo with the name Scenocosme. They use interactive art, music and architecture. With multiple forms of expression, they invite spectators to be in the centre of musical or choreographic collective performances. Scenocosme invents sonorous or/and visual languages: artists translate the exchanges between living beings and between the body and its environment. Materialised, sensations are augmented. Scenocosme’s artworks react to the electrostatic energy of the human and uses the body itself as a continuous sensorial interface with the world. Thus, Scenocosme creates a dramaturgic space in which the different approaches of postural communication generate sonorous reactions with plants, stones, water or human body.

Full text and images (PDF) p. 102-105