[ISEA2011] Paper: Nuno N. Correia – AVOL: Towards an Integrated Audiovisual Expression


AVOL (AudioVisual OnLine) is an interactive audiovisual project for the Web, installation and performance by Video Jack (Nuno N. Correia and André Carrilho). AVOL was one of the four winners of a competition by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture to develop artworks for their net art portal. Further to the launch of this portal, AVOL has been presented as installation and as performance.

In AVOL, users manipulate seven “objects” composed of different elements: a sound loop; an animated visualization of that sound; and graphical user interface elements that facilitate the integrated manipulation of sound and image. Each of the objects has four main variations, allowing for multiple audiovisual combinations. The objects may interact with each other, creating additional diversity.

The main research question that the project addresses is: how to develop a project that allows for an integrated musical and visual expression, in a way that is playful to use and engaging to experience. The methodology used for the evaluation of the project is practice-based research.

In this paper, the project and its motivations are presented, as well as prior work from the same authors in the field of interactive audiovisual art. A short discussion of the state of the art follows. The development of the project and the different modes of presentation (Web, installation and performance) are discussed, as well as feedback gathered. Conclusions are then reached, and possible future developments are outlined.

  • Nuno N. Correia (Porto, Portugal, 1972) is a researcher, new media artist (mainly as Video Jack) and musician. Nuno is currently finishing his doctoral degree at Aalto University – Media Lab Helsinki, where he also teaches. His main interests are to create engaging multi-sensorial experiences and enable audiovisual creativity. His work has been showcased in more than 15 countries, in such festivals and venues as Electro-Mechanica (St. Petersburg), FILE (São Paulo), Le Cube (Paris), Mapping (Geneva), Optronica / British Film Institute (London), PixelAche / Kiasma (Helsinki) and SXSW (Austin).   nunocorreia.com    videojackstudios.com  Video: AVOL Tutti Fruttihttps://vimeo.com/10381908

Full text (PDF) p. 534-540