[ISEA2006] Paper: Gheorghe Dan & Alisa Andrasek – Phylotic BodyScapes / Entheogenic Gardens: poly-scalar heterotopic


Phylotic is a computational system employing dynamically relational assemblages for analysis, synthesis and cataloguing of cultural and biological phenotypes into a library of seeds or DNA, which may be hybridized and grown upon infinite topographies. In Phylotic, the human body becomes the most intimate heterotopic space, the breathing landscape onto which the computational system grows elaborate and sensuous bodyscapes/gardens.

  • Gheorghe Dan, Romania; Artistic Director and Researcher for 0f0003.
  • Alisa Andrasek, USA: Experimental practitioner of architecture, computational processes in design, Founder of biothing, Teacher of architecture at Columbia University and Pratt Institute in New York, lecturer, Co-Winner of the Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition, 2005 and FEIDAD Design Merit Award, 2004 Award.