[ISEA2006] Curator Statement: Various Artists — Night Culture: Sound Art

Curator Statement

An evening of Sound Art at Anno Domini: Matt Davignon, Rick Walker and special guest.

Matt Davignon has developed a unique form of improvisation over the last 10 years, focusing on textures, arrhythmic patterns and musical imperfections. Combining acoustic and electronic elements, he attempts to create dynamic, biological music from seemingly limited source material.
Rick Walker’s Loop.pooL is a fascinating and creative one-man journey through the world of sound and rhythm. Using digital live looping technology and a lot of audience interactive participation, Rick is able to play a completely different set of instruments on every single song in this early twenty first century version of a “one person’s band.”

SoFA Lounge presents an evening Sound Art featuring Drum-Fi interactive sound installation, and special guests at SoFA Lounge.

Drum-Fi — A wireless laptop driven interactive sound installation, using the California urban drum circle as the musical and social networking model. You are invited to bring your wifi – enabled laptop, enter the scene, download the software, connect to the network, be the performer and audience, and make ‘beautiful’ music together. Come and engage in a large dynamic musical exchange and see/hear what happens. So bring your WiFi laptops and charge your batteries! The Drum-Fi group: Steve Dude, John Bruneau, Chris Head, Michael Araya, Rita Hunjun, Veronica Ramirez, Rob Riddle.

An evening of Sound Art at Anno Domini: featuring YOUR DRUGS MY MONEY and special guests.

Anno Domini in partnership with Montalvo Arts Center presents a taste of the Bleeding Edge Festival stage, outdoors beneath the murals at Anno Domini.