[ISEA2006] Artists Statement: Shirley Soh, Margaret Tan & Frederic Sarkozy – Sticking Point

Artists Statement

Theme: Pacific Rim. Venue: Container Culture, South Hall

Sticking Point deals with the Free Trade Agreement between Singapore and the USA, in which Singapore has had to give in to US demands to allow the importation of chewing gum, despite the Singapore government’s ban imposed in the late ’80s. The video installation consists of interviews with Singaporeans who are asked to express their views about the FTA, free trade and their notion of what US imports mean to them. Visitors are invited to partake of chewing gum and to add it to the collection inside the container.

Curator: Gunalan Nadarajan

  • Shirley Soh (SG)
  • Margaret Tan (SG)
  • Frederic Sarkozy (FR)