[ISEA2006] Artists Statement: Adam Somlai-Fischer, Bengt Sjalen, Anita Pozna & associates – Ping Genius Loci

Artists Statement

Theme: Interactive City. Venue: Paseo de San Antonio

Ping Genius Loci is built up from 100 radio-networked, solar-powered, self-sustainable intelligent analogue pixels that are placed on a 10 by 10 meters grid. These pixels function in the bright sunshine, and respond to pedestrians in the grid.

  • Adam Somlai-Fischer (HU)
  • Bengt Sjalen (SE)
  • Anita Pozna (HU)

Support from the Hungarian Ministry of Informatics and Communication, the Ministry of Culture Heritage, the National Cultural Fund, a residency at Mains d’Oeuvres in Paris within the pixelache festival and the Institut Hongrois de Paris.