[ISEA2000] Artists Statement: Carl Clarke, Sons of Slough & Richard Fearless – HEDONIZM VS HEADSTART PARTY

Artists Statement


Hedonizm and Headstart are two event organisers that form a joint venture for the occasion. Another journey under the English Channel is nearing completion – a little farther underground this time.

Headstart, from London, are setting up in Paris and are giving a bit of their serious clubbing attitude. After going through just about all the trends, they are post-acid house/post-techno. Hedonizm, a small French group who advocates pleasure through electronic music, are welcoming Headstart, for the best of French-British synergy.

As pleasure activists, Hedonizm, are throwing the first Parisian ‘HEDONIZM VS HEADSTART’ social event at the Divan du Monde: DJ Carl Clarke (from the band URBAN DK), Sons of Slough (Andy Weatherall’s brother for a live suburban electro) and Death in Vegas (DJ Richard Fearless for an art acid DJ set).

  • Carl Clarke DJ SET
  • Sons of Slough LIVE ACT
  • Richard Fearless DJ SET

With support of MZZ and the British Council.