[ISEA2000] Paper: MARGARET DOLINSKY – In sight inside the Cave environment Blue Window pane


How do we experience virtual environments? How do virtual environments make an impression on us? How is the immersion in three-dimensional computer graphics a phenomenon of the viewing experience? Looking through Blue Window Pane, is an active examination of an artist’s projection on multiple screens. It is also a partaking in the projection’s narrative construction. What happens when we seize a moment of this?

The CAVE is a virtual display theater that presents a visual spatial media of shapes, landscapes and sounds that establish a system for construction and symbolic transformation. The environment creates a series of experiential exercises that signal the next event. Participants are given the stage to exercise the guidance of their cognitive structures and ascertain the meaning and content of the virtual experience. To inhabit the virtual space is to transform the projection.

  • Margaret Dolinsky, US. Visiting Assistant Professor at the School of Fine Arts at Indiana University, Bloomington Margaret Dolinsky is a research scientist.  She designs real-time art experiences for the CAVE. Her work is installed at the Ars Electronica Center and shown during the 96 et 99 festivals. Recently the networked version of Blue Window Pane exhibited at INET2 in Japan and Super Computing 2000 in Texas. She received her MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago.