[ISEA2000] Paper: Marie-Hélène Tramus – Multi-sensoriality in interactive digital art, presentation of an experience: The virtual tightrope walker


Contrary to the accepted idea that digital arts are dematerialised and disembodied, thanks to interactivity, a certain form of sensoriality has been introduced into these arts. Whereas it is true that interactivity initially used mechanist models, there is now an increasing move towards connexionnist and evolutionist models as well as artificial life models. In the same way, at the outset multisensoriality was specifically conceived from the spectator’s point of view, but it is now also viewed from the angle of work itself, which has been given its own perception facilities. This gives rise to one of the most frequent and topical questions in digital art : the relation between natural and artificial ‘perceptions-movements-actions’. During this panel, Marie-Helene Tramus demonstrates an artistic experiment which we are currently working on called The Tightrope Walker. By means of a movement sensor, the spectator can enter into interaction with a virtual tightrope walker (monitored by neural networks).

  • Marie-Helene Tramus, FR. Senior lecturer in Image Art and Technology at Paris 8 University. She was involved in the production of artificial image films and in creating interactive facilities facilities (La speakerine de synthese, Corps at Graphie, Le Funambule).

Full text (in french) (PDF) p.  200-204