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Overview FISEA Art Events

The Art Show ran parallel to the symposium in the Jaarbeurs Bernard Hall. It offered an overview of new art whereby the computer plays a role. These were selected from the competitions. Next to this, there was a special exhibition on computer art from Great Britain and new work from the Ohio State University from the United States. The work was shown as prints of computer-graphics, paintings based on computer-designs, video-documentaries of performances and other forms of electronic art, sculptures designed or produced with computer techniques, installations, computer animations on video and interactive computer programs. A call was sent out for a number of international competitions on

1. computer graphics & images processing
2. computer animation
3. video art
4. films & videos

depicting electronic art, including documentaries, concert registrations and so on,

5. the omniversum-competition and
6. the open-air event in Rotterdam.

The results of the first four competitions were admitted into the Art Show after a selection by an international jury. There were many submissions for computer graphics & image processing, computer animation and films & video’s depicting electronic art.

The different video-formats – VHS, U-matic, Betamax and video-norms – PAL, NTSC, SECAM were problematic for the selection of the submissions. The audiovisual service of the Dijkzicht Hospital (Rotterdam) converted all the video to PAL-VHS so the jury could watch more than 16 hours of video from 5 identical tapes.

Concerts and Performances 


(Academy Theatre Utrecht)


(Geertekerk, Utrecht)

  • David Roosenboom — Systems of Judgement
  • Joel Ryan — The Number Readers
  • Charlemagne Palestine — The Perfect Repeat
  • Renee Bourassa — Lux

Art Exhibition

An impression of the art show

An impression of the art show

  • artists unknown
  • Peter Bleekemolen (winner of the Computer Graphics & Image Processing)
  • Ohio State University Student Work (cibachrome prints)


  • Artist unknown — Foxes and Pound

Computer Graphics Research Group, Ohio State University: Student Work (computer animation):

  • Michael Girard & Susan Amkraut — Animation
  • Waine Hoit — Blockhead
  • Isabelle Lebois — Marsupil and Co
  • Isabelle Lebois — Good Morning (wire tests)
  • Chris Wedge — Tuber’s 2 Step

Electronic Theatre

(Omniversum The Hague)