[ISEA2000] Artists Statement: UHT – Concert and DJ SET

Artists Statement


UHT came about on the stage during jams sessions and live electronic performances that DJ ClicK organised over a one year period. This is when he met and recruited a couple of brilliant performers: Vinylisty, a double bass player trained in jazz and student at the Conservatoire de St Maur, and Nino Korta, a scratcher to the core, who was a finalist several times in various DJ championships and DJ show-downs. Together, they get deeper into their sounds and the explosive mix takes shape. Vinylisty, accompanied by his old time 1902 double bass, faces the machines and cuts spun off by DJ’s ClicK & Nino Korta during a live performance with no boundaries, where jazz, hip hop & drum’n’bass merge. UHT go on experimenting: Dynamax (Zulu Nation New York); Cosmik Connection (Paris); Richard Kolinka (crazy enting and developing their own sound, while continuing performing with guests: Mcdrummer from Telephone); and Black Sifichi (Radio Nova).