[ISEA2000] Panel: Maurice Benayoun, Jean-Jacques Birgé & Minna Tarkka — ART, DESIGN AND INTERACTIVITY

Panel Statement

The artist speaks up, the designer lends his voice… Is it that simple? The designer responds to specifications while dealing with constraints. But in the process, he also impacts on aesthetics. The artist, on the other hand, chooses his subject and the setting of his discourse, but his intention also defines specifications : is he the designer of his own creation? These both reflect the same mastery over matter. However, they relate to diferent trades, practices, economies and even different communities.


  • Maurice Benayoun, France. Graduated in Graphic Arts, cofounder of Z-A Production, considered as one of the most creative studio in the area of image processing and virtual reality, he explores digital images, interactivity and intelligent interfaces (Hypercube). He’s author of virtual reality installations and interactive set-up, he teaches at University of Paris I
  • Jean-Jacques Birge, Composer, sound designer, France Sound designer (Seurat), music composer (Un Drama Musical lnstantane), film director (The Sniper) and multimedia author (Carton, Machiavel, Alphabet), he pursues the relationship between sound and image, focusing on their potential to create meaning and trigger emotions. He currently works on generative interactive concepts.
  • Minna Tarkka, Finland. Professor at UIAH Media Lab, Helsinki, Finland. Author, teacher and critic, she has contibuted to several publications on contemporary art and new media as well as a number of interactive productions. She also took part to the organization of many events — e.g. ISEA94. She is currently involved in a research project on cultural-critical media design.