[ISEA98] Iliyana Nedkova (curator) – Artists’ Residency


Curator Statement


A series of 4 fluid residencies across Europe involving more than 50 international media artists and writers. ‘Virtual Revolutions’ steps beyond the former east/west divide of Europe and tests the creative potential of translocality and virtuality.

The final residency, hosted by ‘Revolting, shifts the focus placed upon the end product, to the artistic practice in progress. Highlights of the ‘Virtual Revolutions’ cd-rom plus web-docu-narrative both under ongoing construction will be presented in a number of artists’ talks.

Participants include: Perry Bard, Larisa Blazic, Anna Bulgaranova, Sean Cubitt, Nina Czegledy, Sera Furneaux, Jaanis Garancs, Lisa Haskel, Mirjana Isakov, Alexander Kiossev, Jon Large, Olia Lialina, Vesna Manojlovic, Nicole Martin, Milosavljevic, Alla Mitrofanova, Melentie Pandilovski, Anneke Pettican, Dmitry Pilikin, Amos Taylor, Predrag Sedjamin, Dimitrina Sevova, Thorsten Schilling, Jen Southern, Igor Stromajer, Mare Tralla, Nikola Velkov, Jukka Ylitalo, Dragan Zivanchevic.

Curated by Iliyana Nedkova. Coordinated by Tapio Makela, Javor Raitchev, Andreas Broeckmann & Micz Flor.

Organised in association with FACT, Polar Circuit Association in Tornio/Finland, Soros Center for the Arts in Sofia/Bulgaria, V2_ Organisation in Rotterdam/The Netherlands and Salford University/UK.

Supported by the Internet Program of the Open Society Institute in New York, the European Cultural Foundation in Amsterdam, The British Council in Sofia, North West Arts Board, APEXchanges in Amsterdam.