[ISEA96] Artist Statement: Michele Biasutti – Tavola IV for Viola and Signal Processing (1993)

Artist Statement

This work is one of a series of pieces called Tavole in which the timbre and dynamic possibilities of the musical instruments were studied. Tavola IV, dedicated to the viola and nicknamed “of the rustle”, utilizes the sound possibilities that the string instrument allows. The timbre has a very important part. The original idea was to point out on a so and universe that usually is very difficult to hear and made up of attack transitories, rustles and infrasound. These kinds of sounds are normally not utilized in music. The aim is to work into the sound, directly modelling the acustic material. The formal organization of the piece is developed starting rom single notes that were articulated following timbre principles. The sound discovery and the hypnotic movement were realized with the purpose of extending the perception of space-time. The premiere performance of Tavola IV was given at the Computer & Art Festival in Padua on the 24th of february 1994. The piece received the second prize at the XVI International Competition “L. Russolo” and is recorded on CD (Fondazione Russolo Ef. Er. P94.). Audio: Tavola III

  • Michele Biasutti, Italy