[ISEA96] Artist Statement: Franz Fischnaller & Yesi Maharaj Singh – Multimedia Book Project

Artist Statement

The Multi Mega Book project is an electronic book sculpture composed of 24 mobile Maxi-Pages. At the top of the Maxi-Pages is placed a screen, on which the content of the Virtual book: animated images, video, still images are projected. The MMB structure is 6 Mt. large, 3,70 Mt. heigh, 3 Mt. deep. The Maxi-Pages are multimedial panels composed with fixed images and a map of interactive word-symbols. They have their own content, their function, their interactivity. The Maxi-Pages have integrated loudspeakers which allows for it’s own sounds and music. The audio is composed of sounds and music which represents the diverse themes contained in the MMB. The Maxi-Pages are synchronized with the screen. They are different levels of interactivity between the images placed in the Maxi-Pages and the animated films projected on the screen.

Video: The Multi Mega Book in the CAVE