[ISEA97] Artist Statement: Phillippe Boissonnet – In-Between

Artist Statement

The interactive (ultrasonic) light control system for the hologram is conceived so that spectators are obliged to establish a human contact (discussion and presence), at least between two of them. Each motion sensor is in one sculture supporting one hologram. But each sensor is connected to another sculpture (hologram). So, when one viewer is in front of one sculpture, hopping to see its specific holographic image, he is indeed triggering the light of one or the other sculpture. But as there hol;ographic image will be out of their view (because of the restrictive holographic angle of view), he will need the presence of another viewer who will stand at the appropriate place to trigger the light for the hologram he (she) wants to look at. Each motion sensor will only have a 10 degree angle and 6 feet depth of detection field. Holograms are dis¬playing images dark images (shadowgrams) of man and woman profiles (head and shoulders), which are surrounded with coloured air! currents induced by the body heat. The third hologram is displayed letters dealing with human and virtual communication: the “@” symbol, and the words (in french) “I” and “you”. Video: selection of holographic installations 1993-1997

  • Phillippe Boissonnet (France/Canada)  was born in France (1957), he has lived in Montreal since 1985, and has taught Visual Arts at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres since 1993. He is presently directing a research group there, the UnitE de Recherche en Arts Visuels, which began working with holography in 1984. He has shown his works in international group exhibitions: in Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Brazil, Finland,and Spain. He participated in ISEA92, ISEA94 and ISEA95. He had recent solo exhibitions at the Fundacion Arte y Tecnologia, in Madrid (1995), and the Occurence Gallery, in Montreal (1996). He received several grants from the Canada Arts Council, the Quebec Ministry of Culture in Quebec and the French Ministry of Culture for research and creation in holography and multimedia artworks. philippeboissonnet.com