[ISEA2020] Paper: Rodrigo Azaola — A Little Better: Emotions in the age of cryptocurrency

Abstract (short paper)

Keywords: Cryptocurrency, Emotions, Aesthetic Turn, International Relations

A little better is a research art project that looks at cryptocurrency instant messaging platforms through the prism of the International Relations “aesthetic turn”, for which by looking at emotions and sensibility an additional analytical insight is given to world politics.

  • Rodrigo Azaola (MX), Independent artist, Sydney, Australia. He is a founder member of the H. Committee of Human Vindication, an arts collective that operated as a universal pseudo-organization founded in 1947, and Modelab, an artistic initiative that explores public space with recent projects held at Les Traversées du Marais Festival, Paris (2019); Taipei Artist Village, Taipei (2019); Manila Biennale, Philippines (2018), etc. As response to the pandemic lockdown, I launched Radio Ensayo, a decentralized web radio station focused on experimental sound practices and visual arts. nothingenduresbutchange.net