[ISEA2019] Artists Statement: Herwig Scherabon, Arno Deutschbauer, Lukas Fliszar & Michael Ari – Afterlife

Artists Statement

Audiovisual Experience in Virtual Reality, Computer, chairs, Oculus Rift, projector,
screen, speakers, dimensions variable.

Afterlife is an immersive virtual reality experience inspired by Buddhist contemplation techniques where we can escape the sensory overload of our physical environment for a moment. Everything in this world is designed to focus the attention to simple things like colours, light and droning sounds or to let the spectator experience the vastness of space. The work created in collaboration with Herwig Scherabon, Arno Deutschbauer, Michael Ari and Lukas Fliszar, commissioned by sound: frame, aids in understanding the inconsistency of life and to detach oneself from one’s ideals and expectations. The experience invites the audience to be just a spectator and let go of his or her thoughts, expectations and worries.

  • The collective behind Afterlife consists of Herwig Scherabon, Arno Deutschbauer and 101 (Lukas Fliszar, Michael Ari). The creative menage joined forces in the studio of 101 where a lot of discourse about the possibilities of virtual reality sparked the idea for the installation. The artists and designers share the feeling that space as a commodity is becoming sparse and they sense a general need for the retreat from society’s hectic modern lifestyle. Afterlife is a collective effort to fuse the worlds of art, technology and contemplation. Everyone involved comes from different backgrounds like design, 3D art, coding, and music production. Together they want to bring their knowledge into virtual reality and explore the graphics and immersive possibilities of this technology.