[ISEA2018] Artist Statement: Kombo Chapfika — Swim

Artist Statement

Art, Science & Us sub-programme


Swim was the last collaboration I created with Sarah Murphy, Erin Murphy, and Gemma Temlett before the Murphy family left Zimbabwe for greener pastures. This was created as a goodbye of sorts. The project emerged out of an urge to create something to express that heightened moment before imminent loss, the allure and risk of an unknown future.

  • Kombo Chapfika is a Zimbabwean multi-disciplinary visual artist. My art work is largely social commentary on contemporary Africa, surrealism, the figurative, and technology. Curiosity and experimentation are essential to my creative process. My hybrid aesthetic echoes my personal experience as a contemporary African artist in the eye of the cultural storm brought on by globalization and technology. I create art which expresses the immense potential and current dire straits of Zimbabwe, and Africa at large.   vimeo.com/81494296    kombochapfika.com  instagram.com/ckombo