[ISEA2018] Paper: Tiago Franklin Rodrigues Lucena, Diana Domingues & Hygor Vinícius Pereira Martins — Online social network based on Internet of Things and habit of drinking coffee in south of Brazil


Short Paper

Keywords: Internet of Things, online social network, thermos flask, coffee.

We describe an Internet of Things-IoT system composed by a thermos flask with embedded sensors and network interface as result of art and technoscience experimental research. The system can connect to the internet after activity recognition and send a message over an online social network (e.g. Twitter/ Facebook) when hot coffee is made. The idea is to create a connected device that can engage people to interact face-to-face bringing old habits of drinking coffee as an excuse to socialize. Drink coffee with friends is a habit spread globally; in the south of Brazil, the tradition to cultivate and drink coffee is strong present especially in elderly people. The prototype is being improved before users’ tests, opening new perspectives to the concept of “online social network based on IoT”.

  • Tiago Franklin Rodrigues Lucena, UniCesumar, Maringá, Paraná, Brazilië
  • Hygor Vinícius P. Martins, ICETI (International Conference on Environmental Technology and Innovations)
  • Diana Maria G. Domingues, University of Brasilia, Maringá, Paraná, Brazil

Full text p. 390 – 393